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Finally an usefull post!
Here some of the most famous serial killer ever existed!
Check their killing style and let me know wich kind of serial killer u would like to copy!

I love serial killers.

Andrej Romanovič Čikatilo

Sucessful kills :  53
Victims : childrens , women , homeless
Motivation : unable to get  boner
Metods : lure , attempt to rape , ejaculation while kill.

Yang Xinhai

Succesfull kills : 65
Succesfull rapes : 23
Motivation : revenge against society
Metods : classic 

Pedro Lopez

Succesfull kills : 53-300
Victims : girls and women
Motivation : psicopathy (sodomized several times when child)
Metods : rape and strangling

Daniel Camargo Barbos

Succesfull kills : 73-150
Victims : young girls (supposed virgins)
 Motivation : psicopathy (his lover was not virgin)
Metods : lured lieing bout a work , stabbing , rape , kill

Gilles de Rais

Succesfull kills : 80 - 200 (supposed , during 1435-1440)
Victims : childrens
Motivation : love for violence , sadism
Metods : rape while strangling to death

Monster Of Florence

Succesfull kills : 16
Victims : couples having sex
Motivation : excitation for free violence , fetishism
Metods : stabbing to death. Then cut out pubic area of the vitims

Miyuki Ishikawa

Succesfull kills : 85 - 169
Victims : newborns
Motivation : to save them from a life of poverty
Metods : neglecting them the needed cures while in maternity

Richard Chase

Succesfull kills : 6
Victims : men , women
Motivation : sex abuse when child. Chase exhibited by the age of 10 evidence of the Macdonald triad: bedwetting, pyromania, and zoosadism. Drug and alchool abuser , Hypocondriac. 
Metods : shooting with guns , rape , taking bath with victim's blood , drinking blood , eating parts.

Ed Gein

Succesfull kills : 2 known
Victims : man and women , dead or alive
Motivation : mental insanity , similarity with his mother , trance status
Metods : kills or taking body from cemetery and using parts as ornaments

Albert Fish

Succesfull kills : 3 known (100+ suspected)
Victims : young childrens
Motivations : coprophilia , urophilia , pedophilia and masochism
Metods : kidnapping , rape , kills , ate pubic areas

Gary Ridgway

Succesfull kills : 48 - 90+
Victims : female bitches - homeless
Motivation : mentally retarded
Metods : strangling

So no u know a lot of typical serial killers profiles.
Choose your favorite and share it with us

Obviously to prevent postal police this is just a common poll.
Or else get ready for mah rage.

18 commenti:

  1. Albert Fish
    "..ate pubic areas.."

  2. um, I choose to not be any, but i'd be like Dexter

  3. how can someone so many people without being caught?

  4. dude, that's a messed up list! lol

    i can post here something about the brains of these people but that would be boring. instead i'll just choose who is the best among them.

    and that would be Pedro Lopez with a succesfull kill of >9000!

  5. @naj
    well bro i was looking for other things

    an example:
    i would use the metods of albert fish with the motivation of ed gain

    or else i would be like gills de raise

    it's a sort of test of your evil part the one that u can't show to society and that maybe u too don't like.
    i mean without inhibitions what u could be?

  6. I used to have several books about serial killers. One of which was like an encyclopedia of them. I don't know why, among several other people, find serial killers interesting.

  7. oh god I read them all.. just why?... D=

  8. Yeah none of them. Don't want to be any of them.

  9. @razortek
    even in chaotic society, i can't imagine myself doing anything this people do. even without inhibition. or maybe i haven't considered it yet.

    in any case, i'm just glad that the part of my brain that tell whether an act is right or wrong is functioning properly. in serial killers, these things are messed up or that part of their brain is small. yeah, this is neuroscience. lol