sabato 16 ottobre 2010


Oki ealry u'll know how many style i changed during my fuckin life but was not the style to change i also changed.
Anyway there's nothing to explain so don't waste time and let's start.

Born => 2000  Normal Life

I was normal.I used to waste a lot of time with my friends and i had nothing of strange.
No particular obsession except to draw comics and to waste a lot of time fantastizing.
I was anorexic.

2000 => 2001 Overweight Life

Dunno what appened anyway i was getting weight ...too much fast....
Anyway except for this my life was again normal at all.

2001 => 2003 Pokemon Life

Fuckin overeweight i had lost many friends.I used to waste a lot of fuckin time playing/watching pokemon lol!
I was a bit interested in girls so i wasted some times in fap too but not too many.

2003 => 2005 Obese Dark Life

Really few friends u could count them with 1 hand all other guys used to offend me.
Fuckin obese without friends i used to waste time playing online games like Ragnarok or else Diablo 2 (respect for d2).
If i wasn't at the pc i was closed in my room. Light off emo depressive metal at the max volume.
My favorite band was Bullet for my valentine (.........................).
While doing that i was dreaming about my revenge.I wanted to kill everyone i dreamt gore scenes of violence.
I used to hurt myself.
My look was strange. It was composed by : consumed jeans , black plush XXL , emo hair style and glasses (i'm almost blind j/k i've -7.5)
Weight record: 103 kgs - 227.08 lb
Tall : 170 cm~

2005 => 2006 Weight Loss Treatment

Fuckin angry for the offense and for girls ignoring me i decided to lose weight!
Everyday always more angry i spent 1 hour running on the tapiroulant at the max speed i could go (that increased my speed and my resistence a lot during that period).
I used to watch "According to Jim" while running xD
I did not eat and i made me hate the food.
I've lost 36 kgs (79.37 lbs) in 4-5 months doing that.
I changed my look in a sort of classic jeans style , composed by jeans , shirt , jeans jacket , short hair and glasses.
No more hate for the world and dark time.
It was time for power metal!
My favourite band : EdGuy , Blind Guardian , Helloween.
Girls noticed me.
I started to smoke.
Weight record: 67 kg - 147.71
Tall: 177 cm~

2006 => 2007  Metal/Dark Life

I changed from Power metal to something heavier like Black/Death metal.
This make me return fuckin angry and evil.
I wanted to kill everyone just for the taste of it.
I had a fuckin bad event wich heavily changed my life.
I needed a lot of distraction so i used to go out with friend to drink and make some noise at morning too.
I felt the appetite for adrenaline and destruction.
That made me do a lot of accidents :D
I started to make gym and weightlifting but i left after few months.
Same weight.
Tall : 178 ~

2007 => 2008  Truzzo Life!!!!

Like a lot of italians i bought a fuckin tuning car (Punto) i left gym and metal.
No more glasses it's time for lens!
I used to listen rap/Techno.
I did karate , krav Magà and kobudo but for few months.
I could tell u some name but u shouldn't know them.
I joined a crew of idiots , fascists and troublemaker.
We used to have fights for stupid things.
Anyway here some shot.

2008 => 2009 Metal Guido Life

Sold the car and left the crew i had a new change.
No more rep/techno it was again time for Metalcore and Black/Melodic Death Metal
Metal look time!
Belt with studs , black leather jacket , black jeans and black military boots!
Favoutire bands: Septich Flash , Death , Dark Tranquillity ,Satyricon , Cannibal Corpse , At the Gates
I started one more time Weightlifting and i did it seriously.
I wasted a fuckin lot of money buying "Helps" and "supporters" no steroids but everyother thing (proteing , GH , creatine eccecc.)
I was really nervous and angry.
Here some shoot


I did it for ~8 months then i left it couse i was too many nervous and i had too many thoughts.

2009 => 2010 Metal/Rock life

Here we are!
I've lost a good part of that muscles but i'm still angry and nervous.
I still listen black/death but i prefer Trash and Hard Rock at the moment.
Favourite bands: Overkill , AC/DC , Slayer , Iron Maiden
I still smoke and drink a lot.
My look is a sort of punk look with a red crest , lens , sweatshirt with t-shirt ,jeans and belt with studs. 
I'm still nevrotic sometimes anyway i can resist...i think :D

Anyway that's all guys!
Hope u liked that post.

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