martedì 12 ottobre 2010


Right now there should be Italy - Serbia soccer match.
angred by the defeat against Estonia, serbia supported tried to make a camp invasion.
They failed to do it police stopped them inside the stadium but they tried to broke the protective barriers wich devide serbia supporters from italy supporters.
It seems like they have organized this before today.
Serbian goalkeeper Stojkovic don't want to play the match but the match will be.
Serbian players went in front of the serbian forum applauding them and making the sign of the three like "if u continue with this chaos we will lose 3 - 0"
Now the game is starting.

11 commenti:

  1. Nice soccer hooligans unite. Time to play this game on FIFA '10

  2. Is soccer a real sport? Haha!
    Giving the love.

  3. No no it's only soccer in the US, football everywhere else.

  4. Soccer is more football than american football, Terry. (For one, you actually use your feet and a real, round ball..)