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In a world controlled by pharmaceutical companies as our is how many far we could say to be from that zombie infection movies?

In the past, but still right now, we are subject to viral tests.

I'll show you some of that viruses tested on human without any approval (or any known).


Appeared in Africa are estimated more than 25 million of dead and 33 million of infected persons by AIDS.
The official theory on how it appeared tells that is a mutation of a retrovirus found in monkeys.
But there's another theory who got enought credits but has never been demonstrated tells that during viral experiments on monkeys some of that infected monkeys would have escaped from the laboratory spreading the virus.
What is certain is that there are still not vaccines and who gets the infection has a prospective of live limited while the pharmaceutical companies have greatly enriched by the sale of drugs.

This pictures report the situation of the AIDS diffusion on the world at the moment.


Appeared in 1976 in Congo in a missionary hospital.
No one knows the precise number of human victims but is superior to thousand.
This virus is deadly at the 90% but sometimes it has reappeared like weaker (50% dead).
This virus could be used for bioterrorism couse affect everything plants , birds , animal and human and already a terrorist group tried to get it.
In 1992 the japanese sect Aum Shinrikyo sent 40 members to Zaire wich pretended to be a fake medical support to the victims while they were trying to get an example of the ebula virus to use like weapon.
Official theory of ebola it's similar to the aids theory that is a mutation of a retrovirus found in gorilla.
Doesn't exist any cure and any vaccines but there are drugs to slow down and weakening of the infection (effective only if taken early)

Here an image of the soft toy Ebola
It's so cute!


Appeared in 1918 (uhm 1918 remember me something uhm maybe a war where biological weapon were used for the first time) it reappear sometimes.
With a mortality rate of 0.02%  and a low diffusion rate has been the most frightening of the year 2009!!
There are cure and vaccines and pharmaceutical companies in this case too have greatly enriched selling vaccines to every state.

A personal opinion? wait ten years and it will reappear stronger and pharmaceutical companies will get more money!
It funny how that virus appear without any logical reason sometimes :D


That's my favorite!!!
Imagine during a war how usefull could be a virus that affects human but carried by birds!
There would be no way to protect yourself!!
Piemonte, Italy 1878 appeared bird flu for the first time.
During 1923 a scientist trasported clandestinely an example of bird flu to his laboratory in USA from where in 1924   it diffuses in the chicken market but the infection is eradicated after one year.
Reappered only twice , in 1961 (found in 1300 birds) and in 1996.
The second infection started in 1996 and finished in 2006 but there is a high possibility of early recurrence.
The percentuage of death is ~50% and the possibility of infection is really low ~ 450 cases in 10 years.
There are a lot of vaccines and possible cures none of these is guaranteed to work 100% but rest assured!
Pharmacutical companies already sold many millions of vaccines to your state!


How far do you think it is now?

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