giovedì 30 settembre 2010


Ok guys it's time to go!
As i said i'll be not active in the next days , Jdfuckingnrockinstudios will take care of my blog a bit anyway i hope u'll still love me while i'll be away anyway i'll take a look to your fuckin blogs when i'm back!
I leave u with a list of my fuckin review and a link to that post so if u want to check the movie most of theme got the direct streaming in the post page.
Have fuckin fun.I'll have it too!

Another fuckin list:
Metal Gear Solid: Philantrophy            10/10 direct streaming on post!
Braindead                                            9/10 direct streaming on post!
Green Street                                         9.5/10 direct streaming on post!
This Is Spinal Tap                                 9/10 direct streaming on post!
Return of Killer Tomatoes                     9.5/10 no direct streaming!
Dogma                                                 8.5/10 direct streaming on post!
This is England                                      9.5/10 direct streaming on post!
The Toxic Avenger (1992 Troma)         9.5/10 no direct streaming!
Pokemon: The First Movie                    10/10 (lol????) direct streaming on post!
Bad Taste (Troma)                                9/10 direct streaming on post!
300                                                       9.5/10 direct streaming on post!
Killer Klowns From Outer Space          8.5/10 direct streaming on post!
Freaks (1932)                                       9/10 direct streaming on post!
Man Behind The Sun                             9/10 direct streaming on post!
Cannibal Holocaust (1980)                    10/10 direct streaming on post!
Sicko                                                     8/10 no direct streaming!
Super Size Me                                       8.5/10 no direct streaming!
The Happening                                       0.0/10 no direct streaming!
Repo Man (2010)                                  8.5 no direct streaming!
Shining                                                   9.5/10 no direct streaming!
Cube                                                      7.5/10 no direct streaming!
Carlito's Way                                         8/10 no direct streaming!
Rollerball (1975 original)                         9.5/10 no direct streaming!
The Labyrinth                                         8/10 no direct streaming!
Scareface                                               9/10 no direct streaming!
Blade Runner                                          9/10 no direct streaming!
Rollerball (2002 Remake)                       9/10 no direct streaming!
Idle Hands                                              8.5/10 no direct streaming!
A Clockwork Orange                             9.5/10 no direct streaming!
Tron                                                       8/10 no direct streaming!
Rock Star                                               10/10 no direct streaming!
Napoleon Dynamite                                 7/10 no direct streaming!
The Godfather                                          9.5/10 no direct streaming!
SLC Punk!                                              7.5/10 no direct streaming!

Well guys don't ask me for that strange votes anyway have fun watching or reading the review.
See You again when i'll be back from the Oktober Fest!!!

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  1. That green text on that red background...myface.png

    Lolz, some great movies in this list though, thanks for sharing.


    Have fun!!

  3. the pirates will miss you man.

  4. Thanks for the insightful comments on my last blog post!

  5. Thanks for checking out my site. I like your site keep up the good work.

  6. Nice list, hope you have fun man. Hurry back

  7. interesting, cant wait to see more :)

  8. Keep up the GREAT work!
    May The FORCE Be With You!

  9. Awesome links you got there, especially spinal tap :D

  10. YES. i love this blog. i'm gonna visit all the time just to watch movies. loving that you give us the stream link if applicable.

    keep it up! following!